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Home Team Painters: Expert House Painters in Stone Oak, Timberwood Park, and San Antonio, TX


At Home Team Painters, we take pride in serving our local neighborhoods of Stone Oak, Timberwood Park, and the greater San Antonio area with top-notch house painting services. Our team of skilled exterior and interior home painters are dedicated to enhancing the beauty of your home with precision and care. 

Transform your living space into a true reflection of who you are by embracing the power of color and texture. Our team understands the importance of paying attention to every detail when selecting wall colors or tones that will shape your mood and productivity levels throughout each day. We take pride in delivering results that resonate for years – all while ensuring complete satisfaction with our dedicated approach towards interior painting services! Your home, your style, captured perfectly through clarity and energy!



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Why Choose Home Team Painters for Your Stone Oak Home?


Expert Painters: Our skilled team understands the unique needs and HOA Compliance of Stone Oak and Timberwood Park homes. We combine precision lines with warm colors to make your home pop! We pay attention to detail using rich tones to create dimension. We ensure your rain gutters, garage, and any accents around your home sync together to bring the perfect finishing touches to your home.

Precision and Care: We approach every project with attention to detail, ensuring complete satisfaction. We warranty our work and follow up once the job is complete.

Home Prep Before Painting: Meticulous preparation before applying a single paint stroke to ensure lasting quality and customer satisfaction. 1. Surface Inspection, 2. Cleaning and sanding, 3. Repair and patching, 4. Priming, 5. Masking and covering to ensure enhanced durability, saving you money in the long run and providing a professional finish.

Local Commitment: We proudly serve our local community, providing tailored solutions, and are independently Owned and Operated in Stone Oak, San Antonio.  We’ll make your home a beacon of artistry so you can enjoy pride of ownership each time you pull up to your home.

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Amazing exterior house painting job in Stone Oak TX by Home Team Painters

Home Team Painters takes pride in delivering exceptional results. 

Our dedicated team arrives fully equipped and ready to complete each House painting project promptly and within budget. We strongly emphasize professionalism and respect for our client’s family and environment while always providing outstanding workmanship.!

Infusing new life into your home is as simple as contacting Home Team Painters. Our expert interior and exterior painters are ready to help you transform your home in San Antonio, Texas – whether it’s Stone Oak or Timberwood Park- we’re ready. We offer free estimates so that together, we can explore the best options when it comes time to revitalize your living space. Let us bring color, life, and renewed energy to your home, reflecting your style and enhancing its overall appeal. Trust Home Team Painters for a seamless and delightful painting experience that leaves your home looking stunning.

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Our team comes out prepared to finish each job on time, and within budget. We stick to our estimate and go above and beyond for each client to ensure your home looks fantastic and exceeds expectations.

Contact Home Team Painters today for a free estimate, and let us bring a fresh, vibrant look to your home in Stone Oak, Timberwood Park, or anywhere in San Antonio, Texas.

Home Team Painters Promise

Home Team Painters is a painting company in Stone Oak, San Antonio, that looks out for the best interest of our clients. We hold our team to a strict policy of solid work ethic, attention to detail, honesty and accountability, and safety on the job. Our team treats each person we encounter with professionalism and respect. We work with our clients to have flexible schedules, get the job done on time, and within budget, and offer convenient payment models.

  • We guarantee our work
  • Licensed and insured
  • Available before, during and after any job to address any questions or issues that may arise